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IML/IMD Moulding Parts

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Çin IML/IMD Moulding Parts Tedarikçiler

In-mould labelling (IML) was initially designed for blow molding, though developments using injection molding or thermoforming with reel-fed systems have increased the efficiency of the labelling process. The original concept involves coating the reverse side of the label with a heat seal layer, followed by a substrate material in which heat resistant ink is applied to. A heat resistant coating of lacquer is then applied .In-mould labelling is a popular method of decorating injection molded parts for consumer electronics and for plastic bottles. Notebook computer and cellphone manufacturers are adopting IML technology for greater wear resistance than spray painting or pad-printing. IML can provide greater decorating options than other methods. Multi-color screen printed and offset lithography printed graphics are used to produce products with higher quality graphics than available with other decorating methods. What is IML?The term "in mould labelling" is directly derived from the technique: a preprinted polypropylene (PP) label is placed in a mould. This mould has the shape of the end product, e.g. the shape of a butter tub.Then the molten PP is added to the mould. It fuses with the label, and while curing, takes the shape of the mould. Result: label and packaging become one.In mould labelling can be done in the following production processes:

Injection moulding  Blow moulding Thermoforming   In mould labelling offers several major advantages:   Maximum print quality,Strong and hygienic, Shorter production time and lower production costs,  Environmentally-friendly,Wide range of look & feel options,Quick design changeovers.    

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